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Steven B Halls, MD . Steven B Halls, MD
“Instantly Happier.”

OK, actually gradually become a happier person.

HI. I’m Dr. Halls. Why is the Talking Moose so famous? What benefits do you get?

Megan Megan
Your headline, needs improvement.

Brittany Brittany
Perhaps. But it’s true. I love the Moose.


The Moose is software, like a video game

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
But it’s not a video game. It’s a 3D character that lives in your computer, and speaks to you in-front of the desktop.


Talking Moose


Tyler Tyler
Is this a video thing? That last video sucks, and your video slider is broken.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
Sorry about that, and No, it’s NOT a video thing. And thanks, I’m working on that right now.


Dr. Halls
Dr. Halls’ “Three laws of computer avatars”.
  1. Avatars should stay hidden when not talking.
  2. Avatars should move out of the way.
  3. Avatars should shut up instantly.

These aren’t merely guidelines. All previous avatars in history have failed because they were annoying.

Don’t be annoying.

I’ve given the Moose a prime directive: Don’t be annoying. The Moose’s benefits come from daily use, which is only possible if the Moose is always friendly and never annoying.



“The Moose is a Masterpiece.”

Devin Crawley – Systems Librarian

“You’ve done some wonderful stuff with the Moose.”

Neil L. – VP Engineering

– CodeBaby

“The Moose will spread around the world. It’s such a pleasure to have watched it all from the beginning.”

Daryl Procinsky – CEO

– Design Revolution

“Your achievement in lip synchronization will be of great interest to many game studios.”

Shawn Wilcoxen aka L.Spiro

– Senior Game Engine engineer

David David
Why game studios?

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
Big MMOs like Star Wars the old republic, failed at producing new content fast enough. The subscribers finished the main story and left. The cost and slowness of recording voice actors is a big problem. Text-to-Speech is the solution.



The Moose is like a drug-free, Feel Good pill.


Dr. Halls
“The eyes.”

Even if the Moose never spoke, the Moose gives you genuine eye contact and a warm smile, causing a profound benefit. It makes you happier.

Talking MooseA lucky side effect of the project taking so long, is that I’ve spent years improving the eyes, to set the absolute best possible friendly quality“.


Smiling stimulates our neurochemicals that make us happy.

From the start, Smiling was what I cared about the most“. When my first 3D model wasn’t good enough, I threw it away, and a year of work and cost, and started again on a new 3D model to give the Moose the smiling qualities that would be most loved. It was a tough decision that many studios wouldn’t have taken.”


Life is better with humor.

Jessica Jessica
I can never remember jokes.

David David
I can never remember jokes either.


“You WILL remember jokes.”

This is another benefit. The Moose tells jokes. You learn and remember jokes, you also learn to tell jokes to others.

And, you learn the secrets to creating your own humor. You become funnier..

Talking Moose

Hector Hector
It’s true. If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

Betty Betty
Lol. I see what you did there.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
This next section is about the importance of humor, of spreading laughter to our friends. Pay Attention.

Attention deficit?
Talking Moose


Here are some facts about laughing.

Dr. Halls
  • It’s good for you. Laughing is REALLY good for you.
  • A woman will not fall in love with a man, unless he can make her laugh. That’s a fact.
  • The neurochemicals released from laughing, creates good mood, productivity, creativity, thinking, alertness, and so on. That’s a benefit.


Games people play, change over time.
Telling jokes is a human constant.


“Hear a joke, then tell a joke.”

That’s what usually happens, and experts agree that it’s an effective booster of social standing.

People, like you, can benefit from telling the occasional joke, to raise your social standing.

As a doctor, as a student of humor, as someone who has observed the effect of the Talking Moose for years, I assert the following:

  • Hearing a spoken joke, is far more effective in subsequently telling a joke to others, compared to simply reading a joke.
  • Hearing the Moose speaking a joke, often results in the person getting out of their chair, and telling the joke to others.

Dr. Halls

Repeating that important point: The Moose has a magical effect of getting you out of your chair and telling a few jokes each day to the people around you.

Hector Hector
“Hey, I’ve got another Moose joke for you…”

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
See what I mean? It’s a simple as that, and it works.


Technology that impresses!

The Moose is so graphically amazing, that when seen for the first time, visitors stop and admire and comment. admire
It’s like a ferrari in your driveway.

In quite a few respects, the Moose tech has jumped ahead of the state of the art, for instance:

  1. Lip synchronization to the speech.
  2. Completely natural, never repetitive movements
  3. Light and particularly the Shadow, are better than any 3D video game, and it truly succeeds in making the Moose appear to be in front of your desktop.

People often say,

Megan Megan
“I’ve never seen anything like that!”

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
“How did they do that? I didn’t think that was possible.”


Have you clicked on Billy or Megan yet? Many secret features are also in the Moose.


I’ll have more to say about the project soon. I’m re-designing this page, and it’s only 3/10th finished. Things to add:

  • Compare versus all other talking software (moose wins).
  • Discuss plugins and other abilities.
  • Multi-language, international versions.
  • Personalization of Moose to suit you.
  • my Google+ page where lots of video samples are.
  • I need to link to explain how humor is life-changing.

Steven B Halls, MD . Steven B Halls, MD